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Direxion provides access to a growing array of products—buy and hold and tradable alike—that can complement your strategy and help you become more responsive to near-term market trends.

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  • End of Year Trading Opportunities

    As traders and investors start to think about winding down for 2014 and ringing in the New Year, this event and plenty of other trading opportunities will present themselves for the last half of December. Here are a few to think about, along with their potentially related Direxion ETFs:

  • Events in Ukraine and Israel Spike ETF Volumes

    News that a Malaysian Airlines 777 crashed in eastern Ukraine, shocked markets on Thursday. Amid speculation from Russian news agencies that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile system, the Ukrainian government blamed the crash on separatist rebels. Rebels made the same accusation of…

  • S&P 500: Sell in May? Or will bulls still play?

    Through the end of April, the S&P 500 Index climbed 1.8% on a total return basis. After a shaky start to the trading year, investors welcomed a monthly increase.

Articles and Insights

  • ETF Liquidity – Four Rules to Consider

    Liquidity, transparency, real-time trading, and relatively low management fees are the reason why ETFs are becoming more and more popular. Learn about the four key characteristics that investors should better understand in order to trade them properly.

  • The Basics of ETF Liquidity

    In the investing world, the term liquidity refers to the degree to which an asset or security can be bought or sold without impacting that asset’s fair market price. Since ETFs are essentially a “wrapper” for other securities, liquidity is determined mainly by the trading volume of those…

  • Once Bitten Twice Shy

    Most advisors with high-net-worth clients know the value of diversification using commodities. Many are still feeling the sting of their commodity investments’ lackluster performance in 2013 and as a result, are apprehensive about the asset class. But maybe the asset class isn’t the problem...

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  • nyse-closing-bell

    Direxion Investments Rings NYSE Closing Bell

    Watch Direxion Investments, led by President Brian Jacobs and other Direxion executives, ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on June 19, 2014.

  • know-thumbnail

    Understanding KNOW

    Discover KNOW, Direxion's All Cap Insider Sentiment ETF which provides investors with access to stocks that corporate officers, directors, and shareholders are accumulating.

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    Fellowship of the Bold

    Bold doesn’t mean rash or imprudent. It means having the courage to balance risk and reward. Are you ready to join the Fellowship of the Bold?


  • Premium/Discount Tool

    The Premium/Discount Tool illustrates the daily difference (premium or discount) between the market closing price and calculated net asset value per share of Direxion ETFs. Exchange trade funds are bought and sold on exchanges continually throughout each trading day. The transaction prices for…

  • Exposure Level Tools

    Investors that purchase a Monthly 2x Leveraged Index fund on a date other than the last trading day of the month (rebalance date), may obtain an exposure level that is different than 200% for a bull fund, or -200% for a bear fund. For an explanation on why this occurs, please see Managing…