Important Notice on ETF NAV Calculations

Our third-party service provider (The Bank of New York Mellon) has been unable to calculate NAVs due to an issue with its technology systems. For August 28, 2015, because the official net asset value is not yet available, the information presented regarding “net asset value” is the publicly disseminated closing indicative net asset value. This represents the best available information at this time.

News Announcements, Press, and Highlights

  • Upcoming ETF Distributions

  • Direxion Launches Four 3X Leveraged ETFs

    New ETFs Provide 3X Bull and Bear Exposure to Home Builders and Regional Banks.
    Read Press Release
  • iBillionaire Index Rebalance: August 2015

    Nine companies joined the IBLN Index and nine exited as a result of its latest rebalance.
    More Information
  • Direxion Announces Reverse Share Splits of Six Leveraged ETFs

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