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  • Nasdaq Equal Weighted Index Shares: QQQE

     LET THE WHOLE INDEX CARRY ITS WEIGHTThe benefit of most index funds is that they diversify away from single security risk by holding a broad basket of stocks, generally weighted by market cap, and instead isolate the "market" risk of the index that you’re targeting.But if you are holding a…

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  • Volatility Matters

    How volatility levels of a fund’s benchmark index can impact the returns of leveraged ETFs for periods greater than a day.

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  • MLPs and the U.S. Energy Renaissance

    Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are publically-traded corporate structures used to invest in the build out of US energy infrastructure. MLPs own, operate, and build energy infrastructure assets such as pipelines, storage facilities, and processing plants.

  • Understanding KNOW

    Watch this video to discover your alternative to standard weighted-index investing in the S&P 1500, with KNOW, Direxion All Cap Insider Sentiment Shares which provides investors with access to stocks that corporate officers, directors, and shareholders are accumulating.

  • Understanding QQQE

    Watch this video to learn about QQQE, the Direxion NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index Shares allots the same weight, or importance, to each stock in the index. The result is a more diversified performance contribution from the individual companies, and sectors that are in the index.

  • Understanding Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds

    A detailed explanation as to how these funds operate, as well as a the composition, risks & benefits of leveraged ETFs.

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  • Insider Buying Strategies

    One tip for seeking profits in the stock market has endured for decades: if executives, directors or others with intimate knowledge of a public company are buying shares, investors should take notice.

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  • Top 3 Questions About Insider Buying

    What is Insider Buying? Investors have been tracking corporate-insider stock purchases for decades. Why? Corporate insiders− top officers, boards of directors, and major shareholders − have a natural edge over retail investors, and even financial analysts, because they typically know their…

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