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  • All time highs. Time to build an ark?

    Inverse ETFs can help protect against a squall. U.S. stocks bumped up against all-time highs again this year. After hitting a new intraday high of 2,178 on August 1st, the S&P 500 was unable to hold onto the gains. Sector performances offer a glimpse of where we are in the market cycle. The top…

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  • ETF Market Pricing

    ETF market prices are the prices at which investors buy or sell shares of an ETF in the secondary market. While ETFs are designed to trade in line with their intraday values, during times of significant market volatility an ETF’s market price may vary more widely from its intraday value.

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  • Alternatives? Too Many, or Not Enough?

    The key to risk-adjusted returns and diversification is not the number of securities – it’s their correlation – or, really, non-correlation – to each other, that’s paramount.

  • A Correlation Misconception

    Some clients confuse negative correlation with low (or non-) correlation. They mistakenly believe that returns for investments with low correlation move in opposite directions from each other.

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