BLOOMBERG TV – Taking Advantage of Commodity Price Trends

Ed Egilinsky, Managing Director and Head of Alternative Investments at Direxion joins Deidre Bolton on Bloomberg TV’s MONEY MOVES to discuss commodity investment strategies.

The Direxion Indexed Commodity Strategy Fund is the only fund on the U.S. market that seeks to match the performance of the Auspice Broad Commodity ER Index (ABCERI), a long/flat commodities index. The long/flat approach provides exposure to 12 commodities that can individually be positioned long or flat (in cash) based upon price trends. It seeks to take advantage of commodity prices by going long when they rise, and preserve capital by going flat (to cash) when commodity prices fall.

Investing in funds that invest in specific industries or geographic regions may be more volatile than investing in broadly diversified funds. An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the fund before investing. Click here to obtain a prospectus.