Tools You Can Use

Direxion provides a suite of tools that can be highly beneficial when implementing tactical investment strategies. These tools can be applied to strategies that are both specific and non-specific to Direxion.

Mutual Fund Tools

  • Exposure Level Tools

    Investors that purchase a Monthly 2x Leveraged Index fund on a date other than the last trading day of the month (rebalance date), may obtain an exposure level that is different than 200% for a bull fund, or -200% for a bear fund. For an explanation on why this occurs, please see Managing…

ETF Tools

  • Premium/Discount Tool

    The Premium/Discount Tool illustrates the daily difference (premium or discount) between the market closing price and calculated net asset value per share of Direxion ETFs. Exchange trade funds are bought and sold on exchanges continually throughout each trading day. The transaction prices for…